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Frame Grabber FG-37 ExpressCard
Video Capture Card for Notebooks with ExpressCard Slot
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HaSoTec ExpressCard Frame Grabber FG-37
Frame Grabber for real-time image processing
Frame Grabber FG-37 has the extended functionality of FG-33 with a 10-Bit-signal processing path. Worldwide video decoding standards can be used on up to 8 composite-,up to 4 S-Video- and up to 2 YCrCb-signals with integrated anti-alias filtering. The low noise 10 -bit ADCs for all analog inputs supports a lot new additional formats, such as 480i YPrPb, 480p YPrPb, 576i YPrPb, 576p YPrPb, 1080i YPrPb, RGB packed, YCrCb packed, 10 bit packed and YCrCbYUY2. FG-37 has since 2005 several refinements. 50Hz support is possible with unscaled 576x720 up to unscaled 576x768 square pixels. New features are introduced: a ITU-R BT.656 input port, a built-in video signal generator with text overlay, framecounter and status display, a high quality multi-tap horizontal and vertical image scaler for example.
ExpressCards directly connected to the PCI-Express-Bus
Modern ExpressCard Slots allow transfer rates of 250MByte/s without CPU load. Such transfer rates with a low latency are helpful for real-time image processing. The low CPU load brings enough bandwidth for H265 encoders even on low power fanless systems. USB or FireWire interfaces have very limited transfer rates with a high CPU load. Because of the low bandwidth Firewire or USB solutions send most often compressed data and produce already for a live video display a lot of CPU load to decompress image data.
FG-37 heute
Todays 30-pole connector allows exchangeable cables between FG-37, AD-37 and HC-37. An 8-channel-video + 4-channel A/D + 6xLVDS I/O cable is possible as well as 1xCameraLink and 4xVideo, for example.
2005:worldwide first frame-grabber-expresscard introduced by HaSoTec
Mai 2005:HaSoTec intro-
duces the Express--
Card Frame Grabber, at
this time with the 15-pole FG-33-Berg connector
It is possible without external plastic box...
It is possible without external plastic box. A well designed cable does not limit the use of neighboring slots and gives less mechanical stress to the card.

...at least a bad solution for 26-pole CameraLink cables
software details  Software details
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