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Frame Grabber FG-39 M.2 NGFF Slot A/E
Video Digitizer for M.2 Key A, Key A/E Slots
  Datasheet FG-38-III
FG-39 has same functionality
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digitale Industierekameras  Full HD, HDSDI Version: HD-38
Messwertaufnahme  with enhanced ADC: AD-38
  Advantages of the FG3x product line
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HaSoTec M.2 Express Frame Grabber FG-39
Frame Grabber for Image Processing in real-time
Frame Grabber FG-39 contains the enhanced functionality of FG-33 and like FG-38 it is equipped with a new power efficient video controller with internal 10-bit-signal processing. With a size of only 22 x 30 mm one can connect 4 composite video source directly. Four U.FL connectors allow to switch between 4 composite, 1 S-Video + 2 composite or 1 YCrCb + 1 composite sources. FG-39 is the newest member of a long product line of mobile frame grabber solutions. Since 2014 FG-39 is worldwide the samllest Frame Grabber for industrial PCs.
M.2 Slot A/E Cards using PCI-Express-Bus
Modern M.2 PCIe Slots allow transfer rates of more than 200MByte/s without CPU load. Such features are important to get Video signals with lowest possible latency and is helpful when using newest H265 Codecs.
FG-39-E4 is a special version with additional hardware to do feature extraction in real time and to implement on-chip customer specific solutions.
Standard version with just one U.FL connector of possible four.
FG-39 M.2
Many mainboards have M.2 A/E slots for Wifi cards.
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